Interport - Crew Services

Crew / Husbandry Services

Speedy and well-coordinated delivery of husbandry services during your port call will ensure efficient vessel turn-around, minimising time spent at port.

Our excellent relations with suppliers and ports & immigration authorities globally ensure your needs are given preference.
Services include : Crew handling: meet & greet, hotel bookings, travel arrangements etc

Express parcel delivery

Interport Crew Services can also arrange for the delivery of parcels, such as chemical samples and spare parts, to vessels throughout France and Europe at lightning speed.

We can arrange custom's formalities for these services as well.

Cash to master

We can negotiate the best rates for USD/EUR currency using reliable Exchange Offices and can directly remit the cash to the ship's master.

As per European Regulations regarding amounts in excess of 10,000 Euros, we can arrange for the necessary custom's declarations formalities.

Hotel booking

Interport can book hotel rooms at Paris CDG or Orly airports as well as purchase train/plane tickets on your behalf.

transport équipage Le Havre

Medical / Hospitalisation care & repatriations

Interport doesn't consider caring for the needs of seamen as merely a matter of business; we know how difficult their lives can be – far from family, alone at sea where communication is often difficult and/or extremely expensive.

When sickness or injury on board happen, it is important to have reliable people to take care when the ship arrives in port.


We take into consideration these specific conditions to pay full attention of sick seamen and drive them to the doctors where they will have dates to specialists or dentists without any delay or notice. Seamen need the best to take care of their health and security.